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EI Session At Social Offline
EI Session At Social Offline
Mindful Relationship Workshop in Delhi
Mindful Relationship Workshop in Delhi
Session at IICD Jaipur
Session at IICD Jaipur
Session for scientists at SemiConductor Laboratory
Session for scientists at SemiConductor Laboratory

Why does your company need Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is important at work so you can perceive, reason with, understand and manage the emotions of yourself and others. Being able to handle emotions allows you to guide and help people, and it can help you be happier and more successful.

A few reasons why emotional intelligence is important in the workplace include helping you to:

Understand nonverbal communication:
You can fix a situation before it becomes a problem. For example, if you notice a coworker displaying some nonverbal signs of sadness, you might take them aside to offer empathy.

Be self-aware of personal emotions: You can use this skill to adjust your behavior before it becomes an issue for a client or coworker. For example, if you know you had a rough night, you might attempt to change your behavior the following workday by shifting your focus toward more positive feelings.

Improve efficiencies: When you are empathetic and understanding of other people's emotions, you can make decisions with ease and complete tasks more efficiently.

Further your career: Emotional intelligence and leadership skills go hand in hand. Actively displaying abilities such as patience, active listening, positivity and empathy can help you advance to a leadership role or earn a title promotion or raise.

Encourage others to develop strong interpersonal skills: Emotions are contagious, and displaying explicit motivation, empathy, responsibility and teamwork could encourage your team to follow along.

Training Models suited for your company's needs

Emotional Intelligence Training for Budding Managers:

This training model focuses on helping new managers take charge of their emotions, inculcate leadership, communicate effectively, and increase holistic productivity and retention. The program inculcates a sense of understanding and awareness from a neuroscientific perspective. 

Managing Conflicts through Emotional Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges any company face is a lack of effective communication. Through this carefully crafted training model, your company's employees can learn the art of effective communication and manage conflicts through better emotional awareness. 

Building Inner Confidence for employees

One of the sought-after workshops for employees, Building Inner Confidence allows the employees to understand themselves better and work on building a growth mindset for themselves and the company.

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