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Author of

  • How to unleash your true potential
  • Finding the Magic in You

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and Trainer

Worked with 500+ people and 50+ organizations to help them build and work on Emotional Intelligence, negotiation skills, communication skills, building inner confidence and leadership strategies.

Delivered keynote speeches for various organizations with a goal to help them introspect and not just motivate.

An Ex- Assistant Professor and Researcher in Aerospace Engineering.

Shivam's work focuses entirely on helping people aware through neuroscientific ways of understanding oneself and their brain better to be able to lead the life they want for themselves.

My Services

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Push yourself from "Survival Mindset" to "Growth Mindset" through better emotional awareness, working on your limiting beliefs, and goal setting with me.

Corporate Training

Do you want to train your employees in the art of emotional intelligence, enhanced leadership and higher productivity? EQ is the way out.

Keynote Speeches

Invite me for a keynote speech in your organization to motivate, inspire and build curiosity among the audience through the art of neuroscience and EQ.

Why should you consider being Emotionally Inelligent?


clients feedback

98% of my clients reported better emotional management

After 10 sessions, 98% of my clients reported substantial growth in their emotional awareness and regulation. They were able to understand the depth of their emotions, being more aware of them and manage them effectively through neuroscientific practices that we learn in the sessions. 


grew in their careers

68% of my clients were able to impart it in their career!

Better emotional awareness isn't just contributed to personal growth and healing, it also helps you understand your worth and build your life based on the values that define your life. 68% of my clients were able to work on their inner values and grow in their careers. 


improved self-worth 

87% of my clients were able to build on their worth

Everything we do, including building on our relationships, building our careers, and talking to people is solely dependent on the way we see ourselves. Emotional Intelligence helps you to work on your self-image and build on your idea of self-worth. 

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  • Thank You for helping me clear my thoughts and decoding my patterns, the awareness I have now for my emotions is more than I ever had, and I am learning every day. I remind myself of the things you said about survival, and I hope, and I try to apply the things I have learned from you. Thank you so much for helping me grow and become more aware of myself.

  • I have worked closely with Shivam on a personal project. He was the right fit for me and my company with his knowledge of emotional intelligence and how he conveyed everything with facts and no opinions. Shivam is crispy clear about the things he does and is very confident in his delivery. I would definitely recommend Shivam for your organizational needs.

  • Thank you for always being there for me. If I hadn't taken emotional coaching and processed my past relationship trauma, I would have definitely missed out on the greatest relationship with this amazing guy. But thank you for helping me with break my patterns and helping me be the adult I wanted to be as a child. Also, I would never have been able to come out of my shell and achieve the career goals I have set for myself; I am so glad and grateful.

Published Books

How to unleash your true potential

Finding the Magic in You

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