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Shivam is a renowned author, speaker, and certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach who has helped numerous individuals worldwide in discovering their true potential. 

With his in-depth knowledge of neuroscience and emotional awareness, Shivam has coached more than 500 people to become emotionally intelligent and empowered individuals.

An ex-Assistant professor and researcher having worked with prominent organisations of the country, Shivam's work is driven by curiosity and learning and this is the value he tends to impart through his coaching and corporate programs.

As an experienced emotional intelligence coach, Shivam has conducted numerous corporate sessions to build the confidence, negotiation skills, and emotional intelligence of managers and leaders in various companies. His extensive knowledge and expertise in emotional intelligence have made him a sought-after speaker for corporate events and conferences.

Shivam has authored two bestselling books, "How to Unleash Your True Potential" and "Finding the Magic in You." which has been read and positively reviewed by tens of thousands of people across the world. These books have helped readers in understanding the importance of emotional intelligence and how it can positively impact their lives. His unique approach to coaching involves using scientific concepts and research in neuroscience to help individuals improve their emotional intelligence, leading to better decision-making skills, stronger relationships, and greater success.

With Shivam's guidance, individuals can overcome their limiting beliefs, manage their emotions effectively, and achieve their full potential. His coaching sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of his clients, and he provides them with the tools and strategies needed to make lasting changes in their lives.


Life Coach- Emotional Intelligence

 (2019 - Present)

Accredited by The Priority Academy, USA, Shivam uses his knowledge of Emotional Intelligence and neuroscience to help people unleash their true potential, take charge of their emotions and build the life they want. 


(2016 - Present)

Author of two popular self help books, "How to unleash your true potential" and "Finding the Magic in You", Shivam's books have been read and positively reviewed by tens of thousands of people across the world.

Assistant Professor & Researcher

(2016- 2019)

Shivam holds a degree in Masters in Aerospace Engineering and has worked on various research projects and worked as an Assistant Professor in a University, guiding and mentoring students.

Aerospace Engineer

(2014 - 2016)

Being an Aerospace Engineer, Shivam has worked with esteemed organizations like IISc Bangalore, MIT Manipal, BIT Mesra, and National Aerospace Laboratory for various projects.

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