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Emotional Intelligence plays a very important role in how we see ourselves, making us more aware of our emotional reactions and the beliefs that drive them and leading a life driven by our conscious brain and not just by our subconscious behaviors and beliefs.

What happens in Personal Coaching Sessions on Emotional Intelligence?

Are you curious about what happens in a personal coaching session? Let's find out:

Learning how to respond rather than reacting impulsively.

One of the most important things about Emotional Intelligence is learning to respond to your emotions rather than react impulsively. We learn that through some practical neuroscientific skills.

Identifying your limiting beliefs and working on them.

Our core beliefs drive our behaviors, thoughts, and actions. But if those beliefs are limiting, it can be sabotaging for us. In our sessions, we work on identifying and working on limiting beliefs. 

Building goals based on your values and visions.

Do you know what's the biggest problem with goal setting? Not knowing why you are making that goal and the values that drive you. In sessions, we work on identifying your core values and building goals accordingly.

Personal EQ Sessions tailored for you

Take your first step towards building Emotional Intelligence and changing how you look at yourself and your relationships, and build goals that last sustainably. Please read the disclaimer before booking a session.

6 Sessions

Video Session

6- One hour session

Neuroscientific Practices

Know your emotions

Identify limiting beliefs

Know yourself better

Rs. 10000/200$

15 Sessions

Video Sessions

15- One hour session

Neuroscientific Practices

Whatsapp Support

Overall emotional growth

Move to Growth mindset

Rs. 23000/450$

500+ Emotionally Empowered people

Over 500 people in the last three years have benefitted greatly from personal coaching sessions on Emotional Intelligence and embarked on their life journey with more awareness, confidence, and clarity. These testimonials speak for themselves.

Over the last few months being coached by Shivam, I have started to know myself like I never did. I am aware, I am clear and conscious of every step I take and be in sync with my emotions.

Shivam's sessions have helped me understand and manage my triggers well. Now, I am able to not take things personally and respond in a way that helps me build and manage relationships

I used to be the person who ovethinks about every small thing in life. After taking sessions with Shivam, I am able to understand myself better and manage my overthinking effectively.

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